Location: English Harbour, Antigua

As the crew of Argo awoke this morning, there was a certain feel in the air that you knew it would be a great day. All of the soon to be advanced divers were getting ready for their Navigation dive, and the rescue divers were off to practice a few more exercises and scenarios at a nearby beach. We rotated through four groups of four advanced divers, taking them out to the point for a quick dive to work on their navigation skills. As everyone dominated it (no seriously, everyone did so great!), we were able to have a few minutes of a fun dive without the normal chaos that occurs with having at least 12 people in the water. Talk about a peaceful 10 minutes under the water with the great marine life. We saw tons of really cool feather duster worms, stingrays, trumpet fish, and my personal favorite, arrow crabs! While others were diving, some people went for a hike to a fort on a point, hung out at the beach, or just walked around and truly enjoyed the dockyard in Antigua. At around five, we all sat down for squeeze and then headed to the hiking trail to go up to Shirley Heights. If you ever happen to come to Antigua, Shirley Heights on a Sunday has to be one of your stops. With its amazing sunset and the view of English and Falmouth Harbour, it is breathless, to say the least. In the background, there is the sound of a great steel drum band, as you smell the great BBQ of cheeseburgers, fish burgers, and the Caribbean special, jerk chicken! The crew of Argo danced the night away to a local band and were on the way home at 10 with our favorite cab diver, Eric Taxi! P.S. Congrats Rescue Divers !!