Location: Suva

Hi guys!! Sydney and Kara are here writing the blog for our fearless skipper Drew. Our watch team (the BEST watch team) had the 8 AM to noon shift, and we were singing and dancing to sea shanties nearly the whole time. Some Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack might’ve snuck in there as well. Gotta live the dream, ya know.

We set up and ate lunch about an hour before anchoring in the tropical and luscious lagoon. The rain started to clear up, and the sun blessed us with the closest rainbow any of us had ever seen, arching right over our heads!! We could see both ends (alas, no pot of gold), and it was perfectly clear. After admiring it and hanging out for an hour or so, we jumped into our wetsuits and went snorkeling to scout out the location of the night dive we were going to embark upon later. There were tons of rocks and underwater tunnels housing giant blue starfish and little baby reef fish. Unfortunately, one of our crew mates nicked his leg in the reef, and we had to take him to get it cleaned up. Thankfully though, everything is all good (thanks to trusty medic Tom), and we’re going to be heading out to North Astrolabe! Our crew got the boat prepped for passage and turned around in RECORD timing (no one is keeping track of actual times, but we did really well).

We did dinner underway and sent our watch teams back into it once again! Our watch team got let off ten minutes early because Ben got annoyed by our bad singing, so we will now be serenading him with our beautiful shanties (and Pitbull) at the end of every watch.

Sleep well 😉 Bye!!