Location: Somewhere in the Pacific

Today was an overcast day which provided some relief from the blazing hot sun. The wind has been fairly light, so we have been making our way under the engine and our mainstay sail. The wind is looking like it should pick up overnight, and we are all looking forward to hoisting more sail and shutting down the engine.

Kara was the chef today, and she did an incredible job and was one of the first students to be cooking their own planned meal. She made everyone personalized wrap melts and homemade tomato soup. Big compliments to the chef. They were a real crowd-pleaser. After lunch, students had oceanography and seamanship class. In seamanship, students had different group presentations. Dray, Heloise, and Sydney made a great video on life jackets, PFDs, and immersion suits. They demonstrated how they are used and what to do with them in emergencies or daily use. Next were Barbara, Sierra, and Romeo. They presented different parts of the boat and terminology. Everyone did really great with their presentations.

After class, we heard shouts on deck and came up top to see Jack and Perry reeling in a fish! We had set lines out earlier in the day and were so stoked to see we had caught something. Jack pulled it up, and we discovered it was a tuna. We are going to be eating well tonight! Ben, our marine bio teacher, quickly turned the filleting process into a class in marine bio, and we went through the fishing, dissecting it, pulling parts out, and figuring out what was what. We cut open the stomach to see what this big guy had been munching on and discovered he was well-fed. He had three squid, a whole flying fish, and loads of small fish in his stomach. Ben, Jack, and Perry finished filleting the fish, and after dinner (which was already prepped by the time we filleted the fish), Justin cooked it up for a late-night snack. It was incredible, and I don’t know about the rest of the crew, but I had been craving fish, and it really hit the spot.

After dinner, students were either studying, working on fish ID assignments, or fast asleep, awaiting wake-ups for their next watch. Justin had a fun wake-up when a flying fish flew in through the boy’s open hatch and flopped around in their cabin. Sierra saved the day and threw the little guy back into the sea where they belong.

That’s it for today. I am writing on behalf of our lovely skipper of the day, Heather, who I know would probably say to send a shout-out to her lovely grandmother – Duckey!

Sending all the love to friends, family, and our furry family members back home (Chewee!)

Happy Days 🙂