Location: Grenada

(cue Robin Williams) GOOD MORNING GRENADA!!
Who would have guessed writing the blog would be so difficult? Writing in my journal is so easy, but finding the words to write this has been a struggle! Though the most notable shout out I definitely got to give is to our head chef, Grace, who cooked three spectacular meals! The food was so good I even went back for 5ths. Today was a little all over the place since we grouped off into two groups, open-water divers and certified divers. The open-water divers are several steps closer to becoming certified after our double dive day. Our first dive was mostly skills, but it was still a blast. We all spent the time doing our skills together, and it was the best time! The current was very strong, but that just made diver tows even funnier, in my opinion. While open waters were diving, the certified divers were on board setting up the flying jib. Our last dive today for open water divers was more of a fun dive with compass skills and mask removal and replacement. The certified divers did the last knowledge reviews to become advanced divers and even got to practice their compass skills. We had one class today, which was leadership led by Griffin and Doron, who both did an amazing job with their presentations. They kept the class engaged and focused! Overall, it was an amazing day, and I am in love with this adventure/trip.

My quote of the day:
“The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. the leader adjusts the sail.”(John Maxwell)

Family Shoutouts:

Mom, Dad, Pk, Ditzy, Gappy, Uncle Aku, Aunt Nancy, and Uncle Richard, I just want to say I miss ya’ll so much, and I promise to keep everyone updated the best I can! I love you all and can’t wait to facetime soon!!! Pk, I hope school is going well, and good luck with your rugby season. Send best wishes! Love you! – Katie

Hey Beau, I miss you -Sara

To Noah, Max, Eli, Nikolai, and Emory: I miss you guys so so much. Throughout this trip, I’ve already had time to reflect on how much your friendship means to me. You guys are truly like family to me. See you soon! -Eva

I’m sending my warm condolences to my father and mother. Whenever I am feeling seasick, the thought of my family stops the swelling in my stomach. Love, Peace, food, and happiness, forever thankful! -Jack

*Side note: only one photo was taken today due to the fact I spent most of the day diving. I am sorry, but I added some extra photos from yesterday!*