Location: Atlantic

We began our day with cereal covered in scoops of Nutella and peanut butter, likely much larger than Tina would like, sorry Tina, and finished up preparations for the second leg of our journey. Today marked the beginning of our Navigation course, which we began by learning to calculate the differences between compass heading, true heading, and magnetic heading; all those calculus classes made us really good at this sort of addition and subtraction, so worry not parents we will definitely be on course. Once we were officially underway, we split into our new watch teams, raised the sails, snuck some of the gummy bears we all stashed away, and began to fall back into the comfortable schedule of life at sea. While the hot showers and cold beverages will definitely be missed this next week, the serenity of the ocean, winds, and stars is something we are all looking forward to. So hopefully, you all received our farewell texts before service was lost, but if not, I’m sure they all say some variation of we’ll talk to you in a week, we miss you, and we love you.