Location: Statia

We woke up on the right side of the bed for an exciting yet sad day. Unfortunately, our time on the beautiful and “boujee” island of St. Barthelemy had to end. It was time for a short day passage to Statia. Immediately after breakfast at 8ish am, we set off the dock lines and went underway. Cleanup underway was about to ensue, and boy did it; we hammered it. After our amazing time on shore and our night of dancing, people had a lot more morale in them, and the laughter from the day before still radiated today. The passage was going well post-clean up, and we had some good free time throughout the morning before lunch, and I used that to take a nap. That 4-5 am anchor watch last night or this morning was heinous and brutal. So I am for sure grateful for that free time. The wind all day was directly pointing where we needed to go, so putting up the sails wouldn’t do much. We got there in the early afternoon.
After arriving at our anchor spot in Statia, everyone feigned for a quick swim because of how hot and seething the sun was today. The swim was a 10/10 experience, for sure. After that, we had a class and went over knowledge reviews because most of us are becoming advanced open water certified. After those activities, we had some quick boat-to-bed work and then some well-earned free time before dinner, and that led me to write this post. Thank you, day 27!