Location: West End, BVI

Today has already been a very long day, since Dani left this morning at 4am, things have been sad and emotional. Everyone has left now, Ocean Star feels very quiet and lonely. The shipmates are now safely on their way home, back to see missed friends and family. Boomer, Beaker are W-town have been busy helping pack up the Action Quest world for another year, and Precious (Mike) is in San Juan, helping everyone on with their travels. I wanted to just thankyou all again for such a great 40 days, you have been such a great crew and we’ve all had such an amazing time. Its always a different experience with each crew, and as we’ve said and agreed a million times all y’ll (!) have been so enthusiastic, determined and fun, what more could we ask for. I’m going to miss you all, stay in touch, keep us up-to-date on things – and spread the chrunchy bambams, wobblers and mesh wherever you go. Beaks

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