Location: Palau

Finally, after a long 22 days at sea, we finally got to explore and see all that Palau has to offer! It’s so stunning and pretty here! Started off with many phone calls and video chats to home! Then the much-needed downloading of new music and movies to keep us entertained (who knows when we will get wifi again!) Some people went and did random things. Some went to see the downtown areas, and others stayed near the port and shopped and tried the local food (which was so good, after only eating food out of a can for so long!)also had to restock on snacks! Went to the local market and got drinks and snacks! (Ice Cream was so good!) Meet back at the boat at 2:30 and have a wonderful presentation by a local on the history of this beautiful country. It was so cool to hear how far back their rich history goes and to learn about the amazing ecosystems and animals that we will hopefully get to see in our short time here in Palau! We are getting ready to welcome two new guests to the boat tonight, so we spent some time making sure the boat looked ship shape and in order for our new arrivals. There is a metro shower running from tonight till the 5th of August, so we got to turn the deck lights off and look at the stars, which were as pretty as ever! Saw a few metros but hoping to see more further from the main Island. The new arrivals made it safely really late last night! Many people stayed awake to greet our new crew members while others caught up on some well-needed sleep in order to prepare for the restarting of the anchor watch tonight!