Location: Tenerife

Today was another fun-filled day for the crew of Argo; it began with a nice wake up with the smooth and dulcet tones of my voice. After wake-ups, the crew were treated to some delightful orange bread, cereal, etc.; however, the crew would have to wait for the delight the vegetable frittata until lunch. The crew had a busy morning of BA/Passage Prep for the crossing and a general tidy; this meant a complete “vomit” of all items out of the Laz, a full clean, and then replacing all items in an orderly and secure fashion. We also took inventory of all food and water and made sure all those goodies were packed away neatly. However it wasn’t all hard work as it was discovered the acoustics in said Laz would be fit for any recording artist, and with some, as the kids say, “pumping tunes” coming out the hatch, the work was done in no time, while all other teams completed their tasks.
After all, the cleaning lunch was served, which was delicious as per usual, and soon after, a wonderful lecture on Marine Protected Areas was given by me, skipper of the day, Steve. G. The class finished off with the shipmates being split into three groups and trying to design their own MPA’s and then having a spirited debate with the other groups on whom had the best MPA. The results are still not in……After this, people were left to go ashore, stay aboard, and study or take some much-needed rest before dinner commenced. Again, a delicious third meal of salmon and veggies was served up before the final class of the day PEN, during which we will go further into the curious world of navigation.

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