Location: Nassau, Bahamas

Today marks two thirds through our voyage, and we had quite a busy day. Today the crew functioned like a well-oiled machine, we arrived in the Bahamas early this morning, and before the captain was even awake, we had already gotten all the sails down and had begun washing down the boat. We got into the Atlantis harbor to get through customs where we witnessed some very fancy helming by captain Ben allowed us to glide and spin, yes there was an actual spin, through some of the most expensive boats I’ve ever seen. Once we had anchored offshore, we finished cleaning the boat before we could go onshore for some free time. Rather than spending our shore time looking for WiFi to contact loved ones and friends after radio silence in Cuba, some of us decided to help Tina provision for the next few weeks; five of us spent almost five hours and over thirty-five hundred dollars provisioning for the next few weeks. Upon our return, the crew was quick to help load all of the groceries into the boat and begin organizing while eating dinner in shifts. The competence of the students have led the staff to allow us to begin playing roles in planning our next passage and eventually do all of the planning while the crew steps back completely. After all of the work of the day was done, the students had a quick tea exchange/party and began preparing for the biology exam tomorrow morning.