Location: Underway to San Salvador, Bahamas

Today was another beautiful day underway. Every day the staff take another step back and let the students take on more and more responsibility. Yesterday we planned out our first passage to the island of San Salvador in the Bahamas, and we quickly found out that things can change very quickly on a boat regardless of what you anticipated. The steady wind we expected died down midway through the day, leading us to take down some of the sails and turn on the engine so we could reach our destination by tomorrow morning because we have a full day planned of rescue diving. Zack, Jason, and Carolyn killed it today in the galley with an Italian theme. Pizza for lunch, so good that most of us couldn’t get seconds and for dinner, chicken Parmesan and some bomb Fettucine Alfredo. Honestly, life on a boat can’t get much sweeter. This crew has truly become a family, and we are all so lucky to have an opportunity as amazing as Sea|Mester. It is hard to believe we only have another month to call Argo our home.