Location: Terre de Haut, Les Saintes, Guadeloupe

Today, we awoke early for our last day at Les Saintes. Some of us started the day off at 4:30 am for a sunrise hike, while the rest of us woke up to fresh baguettes that the others picked up at a local bakery on the island. The day continued to be a busy but fun last day in Les Saintes. The open water divers who are working on getting certified successfully completed their last two required dives. So tomorrow, they can take their final scuba exam to all become certified. The already certified divers got the privilege to explore the small roads and have lunch in Les Saintes. Once everyone returned back to Argo from our separate adventures, and we had our daily saltwater shower. We cranked the music and had a dance party on the top of the deck as we shampooed our hair, then jumped in the water to rinse. Tomorrow we will be off to Dominica, and the adventure will continue.