Location: English Harbour, Antigua

Lars recently left us here on Argo, he left me without a written blog, and now that leaves you with my humble wrap up of a very exciting trip. We said adieu and goodbye to all of our students after 90 exciting days of sailing together. It was a roller coaster of a trip with high points and low points, and each of us walked away with new perspectives and goals in life. We have seen Europe, Africa, and the Caribbean along our journey, and we even fit in time to cross an ocean. But now, it is all behind us; however, it feels like it was just yesterday that our students were climbing aboard for the first time. I remember the fresh faces and excited smiles. The first day as I shuttled everyone across to Argo. It wasn’t long before the fun began. Quickly, the students began leaping from her bowsprit on the first day, trying to dive higher and higher with the rolling swell propelling the bow up into the air. It never eased up from there. This crew was an action seeking bunch and reveled in moments where they could leap from tall objects. They wanted storms to contend within the open ocean, and they almost got their wish toward the end. They were quick to the lines and eager to learn how to bend the winds to their will. Many of them became fine sailors by the end of the voyage and will take away skills that will stick with them for the rest of their lives. I hope our students learned as much from us as we learned from our time with them. We had a great time sharing our lives together these past 90 days, and they will be missed greatly. I wish you all happiness and luck in your future endeavors. Except you, Lars… you owe me a blog before the curse of the blog master can be lifted. Until next time!

Ian Mc