Location: Underway to Fiji

Is today Monday or Thursday? I don’t even know. It might even be a Saturday, as far as I know. Every day seems to be the same. When you look back on something that happened 4 days ago, it seems that it only happened yesterday. On the other hand, time during the day or just when one is in the moment seems to pass really slow. This might be that we are all excited to get to Fiji. I confess that it feels weird having just about the same day for over 20 days, but at the same time, it’s refreshing not being connected to the world for this long. Not knowing what is going on with the world or what’s happening back at home, just take a solo bow watch and think about life for a good while as all you can listen to are the sails flapping and the waves smashing against Argo.
Today we woke up to a surprisingly sunny and hot day compared to yesterday’s stormy day. It’s the first night of this passage that we didn’t get to see any stars at night, but at least we saw hundreds of heat lightning from the far horizon. After Lolo’s delicious lunch, we rolled into clean up and then straight into our Oceanography quiz. We then proceeded to leadership class, where we discussed world problems and how we could solve them. After classes were over, we headed onto deck showers and then dinner. My squeeze question for today was a simple one: “What your favorite job from the job wheel and why?”

Current position: 10*54.8244’S x 154*06.0703’W

Picture 1: The Job Wheel
Picture 2: Sunset
Picture 3: Nutella, aka the most valuable delicacy