Location: Underway to Caribbean

To whom it may concern,
Today was one of our best days of sailing yet. Argo stretched her wings for the first time in a while in the form of wing-on-wing sailing last night. The wind continued to be in our favor this morning. After watch team three cleverly brief us by way of Christmas carols, we set the rest of Argos six sails and sailed throughout the day and off into the sunset.

Watch team one is really understanding the systems and processes on the boat. Xavi, watch team leader today, was responsible for coordinating sail handling. He directed the team to their stations, and everyone was well prepared to execute their specific duties. Sean climbed out on the bow sprit to unlash the jibs as Fifi and Erik hauled up the halyard to hoist the sails like their lives depended on it. Caroline tended to the working sheet, and Daisy made sure that it did not get hung up on anything as it led all the way back to the cockpit. McGee held a steady helm as the wind filled our sails. There was a different kind of energy flying around the deck. Watch team one was excited to be sailing yet again, finally exercising their skills. Two-six echoed around the boat to keep the sailors in rhythm, and cheers of encouragement soon followed. I was so impressed with how well the students, with a variety of sailing backgrounds, have developed into competent and efficient sailors. So impressed, in fact that they only had one hour of work on our 8-12 work watch. So, after sail handling, everyone grabbed a bottle of polish and some rags and got to work. By this time, Caroline and Xavi, chef and sous chef, respectively, had gone down into the galley to prepare our daily meals. On board Argo, not all ingredients can be found while provisioning in remote places. However, Caroline, Xavi, and Liam put their brains together to turn muffin mix into delicious pancakes for dinner. Mmm, delicious.

Signing off.

Captain Mac Sparrow

Photo 1: Argo sailing yet again!
Photo 2: Left to right: Daisy, Fifi, McGee, working hard or hardly working?
Photo 3: Sean on the bow sprit prepping the jibs


To my family back home: I miss you guys so much, and I cant wait to see you again for Christmas. Talk to you soon! I love you all.

To Sam: I cant wait to hear what youve been up to these past few weeks. I am sure its been something amazing! I miss and love you so much. Wish you could be here!