Location: Moofushi

Hello dear readers,

We have finished yet another day onboard our floating home with flying colors!

I was greeted this morning with sleepy eyes as I made my rounds to wake everyone up. Unlike many of our hot Maldivian days, we have been having some cooler weather these past few nights. Maybe it was this cooler weather, or maybe just the gentle swaying of the ship… either way, sleep was hanging onto us as we started the day. Sleep couldn’t hang around very long, though. As soon as we were done cleaning up from breakfast, we grabbed our snorkel gear and headed to the water. We were anchored not far off a deserted island and spent the morning enjoying some solid ground, as well as an incredible reef. Seth ran some laps of the beach while Robbie, Zach, Cate, Carley, Ian, Emily, and many others ventured into the forest that stood at the center of the tiny island. After we buried Max up to his neck in sand, we enjoyed some time having an informal Leadership class course on the beach. My favorite moment of the morning was getting to snorkel with captain Mark over the healthiest reef I’ve ever seen.

Lunch was devoured.

Next, we quickly got the ship 40/40 (ready for passage) and set off for an hour-long trip to a neighboring atoll. While most of us either worked on homework, took “amazing naps,” or watched a movie together, I spent some time at the helm and on deck, truly admiring this beautiful place. The water was deep blue today, and islands scattered the horizon. The sun reflecting off the very well-kept (and clean) ship as it glided through the waves parallel to that deep blue reminded me of something that is said at least once a day; “we are some of the luckiest people on the planet.”

We had no classes today and spent the afternoon diving at our new anchorage (Moofushi) or relaxing back on the ship. Our top photographer Dylan busted out his drone, and Mo and Valentina saw a shark! We are getting very close to having our dive certifications. Good Ol’ Mack n’ Cheese was for dinner, thanks to our head chef Sam. Trey made some phenomenal Vegan cheese sauce that we all got to try.

Wrapping things up together at the end of the day is always an amazing way to connect. We shared our favorite moments, and each defined love in one word. Love really does connect us, no matter the distance. I, for one, have had zero contact with home for nearly three weeks now, but I know that the love that connects us is always in our hearts. We may be on the other side of the planet from you, dear readers, but you are most definitely in our thoughts.

Everyday learning, creating, and growing together here on Vela! Today was no different! Tomorrow morning is a peach pie for breakfast, so I’m pretty certain that we all have something to look forward to after our night watches.

Love to you all! Thanks for keeping up with the Vela Blog



1. Noah catching a view of Vela from the bowsprit

2. Sam and Trey cooking up a storm

3. Movie time

4. Dylan getting some drone footage