Location: Jolly Harbour, Antigua

We woke up to a marvelous double rainbow that we were all very delighted to see. After that, we had our first meal of the day, which was cereal and chia seed pudding. We then had our first class of the day, which was marine biology, with the legendary teacher, Steve! This class lasted for around an hour that focused on certain organisms that can provide safety and housing for other sea creatures. We then had some free time before our leadership class. This class was a fun one since the entire class was Addisen’s presentation about “why leadership doesn’t exist anymore.” After this, we had some more free time before lunch. Before we cleaned up, we took a group photo which Johnny decided to hijack with selfies with Brahm! Lunch was greek salad. After lunch, the advanced open water crew members got ready for another dive that would test their underwater navigation skills. While they were off diving, a few of us used this free time to get ahead of some of our exams and homework. When the advanced divers returned, we all took a rinse off before we had dinner. Before we ate, we were able to watch a beautiful sunset off the bow. After that, we ate dinner, which was lentils and rice, which was a much more enjoyable meal since everyone had been clowning on lentils the last few days. After dinner, we all held hands, and I asked everyone where they thought they would be in five years. After my creative squeeze and clap, I went down to write the blog when I was blessed with multiple editors for free! This concluded my day and this blog.

Picture 1: Studious Students
Picture 2: Group Photo
Picture 3: Sunset
Picture 4: Cooking Food
Picture 5: Red ball group pic
Picture 6: Johnny featuring Brahm
Picture 7: Henry setting up his kit
Picture 8: Sunset with people
Picture 9: Another requested sunset picture
Picture 10: Celia hard at work