Location: Rodney Bay, St. Lucia

In answer to the above-mentioned question, yes, someone did say that- me last night after dinner – and thus, the following day (now today) was set in motion. Early wake-ups were the name of the game. At 6:15, the shipmates were all awoken to the enjoyable smells and aromas of Burrito Bowls with some fruit on the side. It was Mango, very delicious, perfectly ripe mango at that, very juicy and flavorsome (I really need you all to picture how delicious it was). During this time, I went to shore to check the clinic was open for our COVID tests and was told a mixture of responses of Yes and No by various different people ranging from Health officials, security guards, and market stall workers nearby. It was all rather confusing. I decided to finally ask a cat that was playing with a butterfly for a straight answer, and after a faint meow, I took it as a good sign and decided to go ahead, and sure enough, they were open, and we all received our 3rd COVID test in a few weeks. The rules change quickly and swiftly out here, and can be very tricky to ascertain the right information at times, but best to be safe in these times.

The testing was rather uneventful and took up the majority of the morning. The staff at the clinic were very friendly. Jasmine was a clear contender for my favorite health worker so far. She complimented me on my red beard but couldn’t figure out why the hair on my head wasn’t red. We concluded that it must be some sort of miracle, anyway after the tests, the shipmates returned to the boat for some delicious lunch of cooked chicken, veggies, quinoa, and a big push to finish up and a sizeable mountain of leftovers. After this, the crew went over to the beach to play with some transects and quadrats in order to get accustomed to the upcoming group projects that they’ll be undertaking for Oceanography.

After the beach visit, the lure of a nearby supermarket soon took the attention of shipmates. From previous experience, there is no getting back focus from them until that shop had been ransacked of every delicious snack available. After the blitz of the supermarket and what can only be described as something reminiscent of Black Friday crowds, the crew returned with their spoils of war.

Dinner was a diner of Rice, Hotdogs, sauteed vegetables, it was very scrumptious and to finish off I ended with the controversial question of “What is something you find overrated that everyone else is obsessed with?” the answers ranged from sports, particularly fast-food establishments, certain film genres, etc.

Anyway, that’s the day. I must be off now, ta ta.

Picture 1 – Izzy wondering where her feet are gone
Picture 2 – Margeaux now wondering where Izzy’s feet are
Picture 3 – Ruth-Riley-Collins-Collins one to many nasal swabs has left her in this state
Picture 4 – The Cat that decided the fate of an entire day
Picture 5 – Classic “I haven’t taken enough pictures today” Picture
Picture 6 – Ben measuring Sophie’s attempt at the world’s longest cartwheel
Picture 7 – Ben Reeling in the most Bioluminescent transect I’ve ever seen
Picture 8 – A safety circle forms to protect from the incoming squall