Location: Tobago Cays

It was another beautiful morning in the Tobago Cays as we dined on hard-boiled eggs and oatmeal. We started off by learning a few basics for our Emergency First Responder, the first step in acquiring our Rescue Diver certificate. Laughs abounded as we performed mock emergency scenes on dummies in the saloon. After a couple hours of exercises we broke for some free time. After lunch Nick taught us in groups how to use the tiller-steer dinghy, Exy. It was more difficult than we imagined! When lessons ended we organized a water taxi ride over to an island where Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed the scene where Jack Sparrow is marooned and searching for his rum. We frolicked about for a few hours and found a dead shark on the shore, later identified to be a Caribbean Reef Shark. We then clambered back into the brightly colored speedboat and picked our way through the reef back towards Ocean Star. We wrapped up the day with a MTE class on Irving Johnson. It was incredible. I have never seen nor heard of sailing to that degree. Swells literally engulfed the ship. They were true hardened seamen. Now I feel so incompetent. Psyched for another great day tomorrow!P.S. Sorry about the Mohawk, Mom, but it’s a huge hit so I think Im keeping it forever.