Location: Low Isles

Today we awoke to startlingly calm seas. From the Low Isles where were anchored to the mountains on the coast of mainland Australia, the water had barely a blemish of a wave. We spent the day diving! After starting the day off right with some chocolate chip pancakes, we had another Oceanography class. Later, the divers who are trying for their Open water Diving certification had their first open water dive! We got to see sea cucumbers, a spotted spiny lobster, and some remoras living in their reef. Then the advanced divers went out to do their Peak Performance Dive and got to perfect their neutral buoyance by swimming through hula hoops and sticking their heads in a bucket underwater. Dinner was again accompanied by another beautiful sunset, and the crew spirits couldn’t be higher. The Argonauts are coming together. The collective volume is rising as people start laughing more and more. Everyone is coming together as a group. The once nervous silences at meals have been replaced by ruckus laughter and hilarious stories. Coucou Nono Maman Papa et Camille! Mon tlphone ne sallume plus et on a pas vu de cabine tlphonique depuis Cairns donc jai pas pu vous appeller Jespere que vous allez bien et que ca se passe bien lcole. Vous me manquez normment cest horrible Gros bisous je vous aimes trs trs trs fortttt.

Hello Nono Mom Papa and Camille! My phone is no longer lit and we have not seen a phone from Cairns so I could not call you Jespere that you are well and that it goes well school. I miss you very much it is horrible Big kisses. I love you very, very, very much!