Location: English Harbour, Antigua

Another b-e-a-utiful day for the beauties onboard S/Y Ocean Star. We can’t complain to be hanging out on the dock at the historical site of Nelson’s dockyard while we gaze upon some of the largest vessels in the world. There are yachts, catamarans, J boats, and about any other style of boat you could imagine just outside our door, and by the door, I mean right off our deck. While these maybe some of the most expensive ships in the world, back on Ocean Star, we are doing bigger and better things. Due to great scheduling by the crew, we had our first double-header class this morning. Coach Ivy took us out of the training fields of the salon into the stadium of the cafe to compete against morning grogginess and wrap up our Geology section. Following a quick break, Matty Rob herded us back into the hot and steamy depths of Ocean Star to talk sharks. We have finally made it to some of the most interesting and complex organisms. This was followed by a special surprise. Matty had the skills to wrangle us up some dog sharks (preserved) from deep in the laz. As a scientific team, some of us were more hands-on than others in dissecting this beast of the seaan interesting and productive morning for all. Thus, the rest of our day fell into our hands to do with it what we want, including dissecting the harbors and beaches of Antigua with our cheer and adventurous spirits. Activities ranged from catching up on work, provisioning, exploring the beach, reading, contacting family with the inter-web connection, grabbing some lunch, and seeing a large number of boats sail in and out of this paradise. Now after dinner, we have yet another block of time to perhaps go find us some delicious dessert. With an SLD paper deadline looming ahead and an exciting OCB lab at the PILLARS OF HERCULES (must be shouted in a manly voice according to the staff), we will all be using the time productively. Good night and good luck to those back home struggling in the cold and dreary winter weather. The sundown here seems to shine too much; just kidding that is not possible. P.S. We will be returning home in twenty-seven days. Who can believe it? Wish I wasn’t typing those words.