Location: Elba, Italy

This morning, we woke up to beautiful mirror-like conditions, and the advanced divers began to get our kits ready for a nice, long, fun dive. We listened to some great music as we ate a great breakfast of scrambled eggs and roasted potatoes before doing a quick cleanup and getting our day started. Our day consisted of advanced divers like myself getting in a nice early dive and then getting to relax and catch up on some coursework through the afternoon. On the other side of things, the open water students completed exams in the morning and then proceeded to continue completing training dives through the afternoon until around 3:30, when we found out we were headed to shore for our very own staff member Mac’s Birthday dinner/shore time. At 3:30, everyone got dressed in some real clothes (nicer shore clothes), which was a very nice change of pace from the wetsuits and swim trunks of the past week. Once ashore, we had a couple of hours to wander around and get gelato, hike across some cliffs, explore the town, and catch up on any shopping that needed to be done. Once 7 pm rolled around, we gathered at our meeting point and went our three ways to the restaurants that were recommended and enjoyed a wonderful dinner amongst great friends. Now, as the day ends, we get ready for bed and look forward to our early morning watches and the sail ahead for tomorrow.