Location: North Sound, Virgin Gorda

We awoke this morning in a little bay off Salt Island to another beautiful day here in the BVI. First up, diving at one of the BVI’s most famous dive site, the wreck of the RMS Rhone. We split the crew up into two groups- the men and the ladies. The men went first right after breakfast and dove with Matty and Jack while us ladies got to relax and chat in the shade on the chart house. When they came back with smiles ear to ear we eagerly jumped into the dinghies ready for our turn. We descended the wreck at its deepest point of approximately 80 ft near the bow. Swimming through the broken off bow section was so sweet that we had to stop and give each other high fives inside before swimming out. Making our way through the ruins we eventually found the stern section of the wreck and admired all the marine life that has since found their homes on the wreck. After surfacing we made our way back to the boat had lunch and then picked up anchor to head to another island just east of Salt, called Cooper. There we threw the hook down at a dive site called Wreck Alley. The name stems from the fact there are about 4 or 5 wrecks all in the same vicinity that you can check out. Another fantastic dive there was had by some while other chose the more studious route and studied for the upcoming Navigation final. Once divers were back onboard it was off to North Sound at Virgin Gorda with Meghan at the helm. We made it in at about 4 pm; just enough time for some fun swimming and showering. Now its clean up time after a dinner of Homemade chili made by none other than Head Chef Noah and his Sous Chef Ivy. On the schedule this evening? A free night for those who need to study for tomorrows Navigation Exam or catch up on any other studies.