Location: Dominica

Today was an awesome day. We went diving with Dive Dominica, and they were amazing dives. The first was a wall dive, and in the beginning, we saw a big barracuda. There were lots of fish and colorful coral, and our dive guide pointed out all the small things like cleaner crabs. At the end of the dive, we had some time to just swim around on the bottom, and some people were blowing air bubbles, which was pretty cool. The second dive was at a site called champagne. The methane from the volcanoes is released up through the rocks causing bubbles that look like they are from a bottle of champagne. On this dive, there were lots of spotted moray eels, even a baby one. They were some of the best dives of the trip. After lunch, there was some shore time, which felt nice after such a busy morning. It gave us time to finish our marine biology papers and do other work in a location that wasn’t Ocean Star. Tomorrow we get to hike to the boiling lake and some waterfalls on the way. It has been a very busy couple of days, but everything that we do is so much fun that we don’t mind.