Location: Dragon Bay, Grenada

First off, Happy Valentines Day!Today we moved from our dock side slip at Grenada yacht club. We went for a short cruse out of the harbor and headed North for the first time. After motoring for about a half hour we dropped anchor in Dragon Bay. Once anchored, preparation for our first dive began. The first dive was a deep dive to about 80 feet which is the deepest any of the newly certified divers have been. Once at depth we played with eggs (when cracked open they look kind of like jellyfish) and explored the properties of light and its affect on colors, because blue light is the only color that penetrates water that deep making things look blue or brown for the most part. The deep dive lasted all of about 10 minuets before we started to run low on air, which you use about 4 times faster at that depth. After the dive was complete, a long lazy lunch began giving us time to relax before our next dive. The next dive, we went to an underwater sculpture park (see video) were we went on our first dive without a dive instructor. During the course of this dive a Valentines Day couple was formed! Love must have been pumped in to our tanks today, because once back on Ocean Star several more Valentines Day couples were formed before dinner. After a true feast we finished it off with some wonderful valentines day cake masterfully prepared by Dana which, was a great way to finish the day.-Tucker