Location: Gorda Sound, Virgin Gorda, BVI

This morning was a crazy one! We raised the anchor at 7 in the morning and began to travel from Savannah Bay to Mountain point. We had all hands on deck as our morning began quickly. Breakfast was once again at 7:30, and once again, delicious! After our short trip over, the Open Water divers (those who are currently taking the Open Water PADI course) began to set up their equipment and departed for their first open water dives!! Those who had already achieved the Open Water certification had a more relaxing morning; some read, napped, played Bananagrams, filled scuba tanks, and a whole assortment of other fun activities! We then had lunch at 12:30, and the already scuba-certified members of our fun group got to go out and do two 20 min. Dives. The entire group then cleaned and put the loose gear away as we began to set sail for North Sound, and I was fortunate enough to pilot us there. Upon our arrival, we all quickly made things ready and had our amazing lasagna dinner! Later we went to our intro to a Leadership course and discussed getting around Argo and passage life. Well, that’s all for today!! -Connor M., skipper of the day