Location: Bequia, SVG

Gooooood Morning, Bequia!!!!! It’s day five here, and you know what they say, day five is the best day. Our morning started with a BEAUTIFUL wake-up with the new Taylor Swift album blasting. To all of the swiftie fans reading, I hope you love the album as much as we do on Ostar. Kebo cheffed up a nice cereal bar for breakfast. Splitting into our dive groups, we prepped our gear, and off we went. All the folk getting advanced certified followed Steph and Heather into the water, completing some pretty funky tasks for their peak performance buoyancy dive. Kate and I, already having our advanced certifications, joined them for a fun dive. The dive was, in fact, VERY fun.

We came back on deck, and the second group of divers found their way into the water. A few of us had a little study group before our afternoon oceanography exam. Kebo and sous chefs prepared sandwiches galore for a post-dive lunch. After a nice munch, we settled into the saloon to take the midterm exam. After some serious brain stimulation, we had a Seamanship class with Professor Drew. After this last class of the day, we had a nice shower hour and then ate some exquisite spaghetti and veggies prepared by sous chef Steph. Everyone is currently getting their hands dirty in the dishy pit, and soon the divers getting certified will have a knowledge review before bed! It’s been a pretty busy day, so I can’t wait to cozy up in my bunk. See yall on the flip. Next stop, you guessed it………. St. Lucia!

Hi mom, dad, Jack, Maddie, Charlie, Gunnar, and friends back home! See you in 48

1. Aidan enjoying a dip in the ocean
2. I thought the view was pretty, but Sean was prettier
3. Shower time! Shower time!
4. Charts, Charts, and Charts
5. Sydney attempting to study