Location: 19,01,6 S ;2,18,9 E

With over 1,530 nautical miles sailed, we are creeping closer and closer to the prime meridian, longitudinal zero, and the divider between east and west. For all of us, the power of dividers is becoming especially clear. With only eighteen days on board, we are starting to see how impactful this journey has been and will be. I can already tell that our lives will never be the same, forever divided in relation to life before and after Argo. We are still on our first leg of the trip, but the experiences we have already had and the many more that are still to come will be remembered as one of the best times of our lives.

Crossing the Atlantic, our days are filled with the awe-inspiring expanse of the sea, while the nights are filled with the humbling experience of looking up at the vast star-studded sky. Being in this environment makes you wonder where you have been and what waiting for the future will bring. Even though there is no way of knowing where life will take us, we all can not help but feel Argo is where we need to be. This will be one of the only times in our lives were simplicity is easier to find. Out on the open ocean, memories are easily made with joy and laughter. The occasional knot tying competition being the only moments of competitive contention among the crew.

Together we are growing by experiencing new things, learning, and sharing the stories that make each one of us who we are. Although we all come from different places, divided from one another by our day to day lives back at home, we will forever be connected to each other through Argo. Each day underway, we are reminded of her strength as she sails us safely across the Atlantic, feeling the strength she gives us in our hearts right back.

– Jayda