Location: Bequia, Grenadines

Hello, Readers of the Ocean Star blog,

Today marks my third time of being skipper, and it is still pretty fun. We started the day with some blueberry muffins and fruit. We then had our Advanced Open Water Fish ID dive at a dive site called Devil’s Table. There were quite a few fish there. People spotted schools of brown Chromis, several types of eels, smooth trunkfish, flounder, huge trumpetfish, and more. At around noon, we went to shore and were able to have lunch anywhere onshore. Many of us went to a small restaurant and ordered cheeseburgers. They were fine burgers but really satisfied many of our burger cravings. Bequia is a beautiful island with many street vendors who sell various handmade goods. Many of us bought Hawaiian shirts. We looked really cool. After shore time ended, we all went back to Ocean Star and soon met Willy, who came over to Ocean Star in the anchorage in his tiny rowboat/sailboat. Willy is a local craftsman who makes jewelry and other small items out of whalebone, teeth, and brown coral. Many of us bought various items from him. While Willy was onboard, the line securing his boat to the side of Ocean Star broke, and it began to float away. Sasha and Lolo went in our dinghy to go retrieve it, and Lolo decided to try her hand at rowing it back. She determined that Willy was a very skilled seaman because it was no easy task to row and steered the little boat. The day ended with showers and cooking dinner. Many people helped get dinner ready, and everyone in the galley was wearing a Hawaiian shirt. The massive dance party during dinner clean up was a lot of fun, and now we are about to head off to marine biology class.

Thank you for your time,
Matthew Miller