Location: Antigua, Falmouth

Although many of us have watched the sunrise a couple of times now – it never gets old. For those on anchor watch, seeing jets of light shooting through the clouds was an incredible way to start our day. We listened to Wham’s ‘Wake me up before you go girl’ for our 7 am wake-up call. If anyone wasn’t awake already, they certainly were at 7:15 when we had our very first fire drill. We all grabbed our type ones and quickly headed on deck. Wide awake after that, we were all super excited to start the day.

After breakfast, those of us in the PADI open water course got ready for our first dive! We broke off into small teams and worked through skills such as sharing air, neutral buoyancy, clearing our masks, and the tired diver tow. The waves were a little rough, and not breathing through your nose takes some getting used to. However, we all powered through and had a fantastic time.

When we got back, we were greeted by mouth-water quesadillas cooked by the amazing Elle and Sous chefs Trevor and Ezra. After lunch, the open water students were back at it again. It was definitely easier the second time around. Every group completed the majority of the confined water skills, with some finishing everything! Filled with newfound confidence, we are all super excited to get in the water tomorrow. The already certified divers had a free afternoon filled with naps, hanging out on the deck, and getting started with some school work. There were also multiple backflips off the bow! (Shout out to Riley for helping me get some sick photos). When everyone came back, it was time for deck showers. It’s still hard to believe that jumping into the ocean with Caribbean mountains in the background is part of our shower routine.

Dinner was an incredible paella, and tonights’ squeeze question was, “If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?” Answers ranged from teleportation and having a photographic memory to being able to make any fruit in your hand the perfect ripeness. We are all starting to get the hang of the job wheel, and everyone jumped right into cleanup. Although we’ve been here six days, life on Argo is still sinking in. It is unbelievable that we can fall asleep on deck in a hammock while looking up at the stars in Antigua! We are all beyond excited for our adventures tomorrow.

PS: Hi Mom, Dad, Alex, and Christopher! I miss you guys like crazy <3

New open water divers fresh out of the water

Mac and Sam synchronizing their backflips

Frankies first backflip!

Thea soaring through the air.

Shave party on deck 🙂

Lewis, Ezra, Una, and Giselle hang out on deck

A perfect sunrise