Location: Falmouth Harbour. Antigua


Started the day as DJ for wake-ups at 6:50 am – huge shoutouts to my loyal groupies Maddie, Ellery, and Sam. After the delicious breakfast prepared by Chef Justin, we completed our EFR training, healing the wounds from punctured potatoes and practicing the perfect sling. Super sunny midday filled with downtime, a front flip off the bow, and more music until lunch was served.

After lunch, we set off on a “hoon” and sailed up and down the Antiguan coast with dinner aboard. We have just settled into Falmouth Harbour, which will be our last night’s sleep before we get to go onto land for the first time in 14 days! Excitement is building as the night grows, with zip lining in the rain forest on the agenda tomorrow.

Hi Mom!

– Skipper Jay