Location: Underway to Motril, Spain

Hello everyone I am Ava Leigh, the skipper of the day!Today was another passage day to Motril, Spain!While we are there we are going to visit Grenada, Spain which will be one of the last stops in the Mediterranean sea. My watch team, watch team 3 woke up this morning for our 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM shift also known as the breakfast shift because we get to eat breakfast while the other watch teams catch up on sleep. Our watch was quite eventful today. It started off the with most gorgeous sunrise, with beautiful vibrant colors over the still ocean. Then our prima ballerina on board, Kristian, taught us another ballet class, learning stretches, tundues and plies. It helps us not only get more flexible but also our balance on the boat. We were also lucky enough to get a visit from some dolphins that swam at the bow of our boat for a while. They were so cute! Once lunch was ready the rest of the crew was woken up to eat, followed by a marine biology class taught by Jess and an Oceanography review session for our next quiz taught by Emma. After dinner and clean up everyone was ready to crawl back into bed again and get as much sleep as they could for whenever there next shift was going to be. We have a little less than a day until we arrive to Motril! Life while on a passage is always the best place to escape the real world. Being without any land in sight makes life that much more simple but making it impossible to ever get bored with the amazing surprises that happen everyday!