Location: Les Saintes to Grenada

Today we woke up and had a relaxed morning to get ourselves ready for our two-day passage to Grenada. Shortly after we set sail James, our boat fisherman, caught us a skipjack, which is, in essence, a small tuna. Having heard of people eating their catches eye, Will and Bret decided to try to eat the tunas eyes, which made for an interesting time. As soon as the fish was filleted for dinner, Will out on bow-watch pointed out a pod of Atlantic Spotted dolphins, 40 or more, who also spotted us. The dolphins then joined Ocean Star on our passage, briefly skipping across the water right on the bow of the boat. As the sunset on our passage, the water was like glass and the calmest it has been, making for a perfect sunset. Dominica lay to our east, bathed in pastel colors like a magical land. To end the day, we ate the fresh tuna steaks seared to perfection.