Location: English Harbour, Antigua

Hello Real World! Excited to be joining y’all in a few short days!

I am sitting here writing my final blog absolutely exhausted from this crazy day. I can’t speak for half the crew because I never really saw them, but BA team one went hard today. Accompanied by Pitbull (if you ask me to jump on aux, you better know who we will be listening to by now), Addisen, Katie, Henry, Johnny, Julian, and I got started on the end of semester deep clean. You know the saying It has to get worse before it gets better? That is a perfect saying for this morning. From every piece of dive gear hanging on the lines to the entire Laz emptied out onto the deck along with both line lockers, the boat looked insane. Let me tell you, you have not felt gross until you climb down into the 100 laz and scrub every steel wall of it. I couldn’t tell what was sweat, what was soapy water, and what was pure laz grime. Gross, I know. God bless the lady who walked down the dock at the most perfect moment selling roties that we all promptly bought and chowed down on for lunch. I wish I had more information on what the other group did but something about Max falling overboard, Grady becoming a pirate, and Liam doing some sort of unintentional backflip onto the centerboard. Not really sure what they did all day but we switched in the afternoon and BA team one took to the water in small boats.

Let me try and explain the scene that unfolded as we went dingy sailing this afternoon. Henry and Johnny push off the dock, boom, boat upside down both in the water. Addisen and Julian push off the dock, boom, boat upside down and both in the water. Brahm pushes off the dock, boom, boat upside down and he’s in the water. Katie and I push off the dock, boom, we sail away towards the horizon – 2 minutes later, boom Katie goes flying under the boom and I somehow end up upside down over the stern. This scene went on for the next half hour as the poor guys in the rescue boats chased us around helping us right the boats. By the end, everyone was sailing and for the most part, all the capsizes were on purpose. Addisen sailed by me with the biggest smile ear to ear shouting something about being the happiest she’s ever been. Made me smile. Oh and Katie, Katie decided to have a person fight with the boom and sadly she lost most times BUT she sailed her way around that harbor like nobody’s business. Julian had to take a break in the rescue boat because he just went too hard as skipper. Henry decided he was Jack Sparrow, captain of the infamous Black Pearl, and sailed around trying to crash into people. Whether the crashing into people was on purpose or not, we will give him the benefit of the doubt, Capt. Johnny was happy to ride shotgun and may have assisted in the turtle that ensued. Brahm was just Brahm and sailed around taunting and making jokes. Good one Brahm.

We stopped at the grocery store on our way back and Henry and I ate a full quart of ice cream. Something about going to the grocery store on this trip is just so exhilarating. Just how much food can you fit in your arms without embarrassing yourself at the check-out line? Fruits Veggies Granola bar galore!! I love seeing what people come out of there with. Yay.

The whole crew reunited for dinner. Crazy not seeing those knuckleheads all day. We celebrated Toph’s birthday with a yummy lemon cake and singing a beautiful rendition of happy birthday in all different octaves. Happy Birthday, Tophs! Thanks for being born so we could eat some cake today.

I’ll sign off better than Liam did because we are Nav Masters now and know that Over And Out is only said in the movies… Celia Out.

1: yummy roties
2: sailing…fun
3: connally kitchen strikes again!
4: dont fall in Henry
5: double thumbs up from julian loving the BA!
6:I hate cleaning the laz
7:more double thumbs up
8: go steve! working so hard! what a great captain
9: true lovers
10: Meg and tophes shoulder deep in inventorying the whole boatie boat boat
11: liam killing the freaking flies that have taken over our boat. send help
12: epic dishie pit
13:happy birthday!
14: sailing
15:oh look more sailing
16: woah even more sailing
17: woahhhh
18: woahhhhhhhhh
19: woahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
20: I wanted it to be Celia Out with a peace sign but this computer has no emojis so here you go. Celia Out (peace sign emoji*)

Hi Family! Hi Teagan! See y’all soon!! yay.