Location: Statia to Saba

Today was our second passage that relied solely on students knowledge, effort and communication between one other. I can think of no other greater test to reveal ones character and leadership. Adding to the challenge was a strong breeze and Saba (our destination) directly down wind from Statia. With the staff there only for safety and support, the boat swiftly raised anchors and we were on our way navigating, at first through a field of tankers that were heading in to fuel up off the coast of Statia. During these last 70 days everyone has come to share a cumulative wealth of knowledge of Ocean Star and it is extremely difficult to assimilate it all in a democratic crew where they all share the same rank. Megan deserves a shout out for acknowledging this and bringing everyone’s voice to be heard and executing the tasks. While sailing, the students were thrown another obstacle which was on of our planned Man Overboard Drills. Its quite a challenge with 4 sails up and moderate seas to coordinate and recover a victim. Once our man overboard pole was successfully saved, Kevin left the boat to clear into customs on Saba. It left the student’s faces in shock of the reality that it really was up to them now. Danny bravely jumped on the helm as the rest of the crew prepared to strike the jib. The boat was still hove to from the man over board drill and the crew found themselves in a brief moment of indecisiveness. I’m sure most knew what needed to be done but Matt rose to the occasion and directed the boat to sheet in and tack back over to carry on our way. All sails dropped with ease as Danny skillfully set the boat on its new mooring with the towering cliffs above us. The steep mountains of Saba are both stunning to the eye and also break the wind so as we now sit peacefully and quietly as we prepare for my favorite dive of the trip tomorrow. We all now eagerly await dinner as we have all worked up a mean appetite today. Following dinner we shall be instructed on how to properly cut, slice and dice in the galley by Danny for his Student Leadership presentation.