Location: Martin's Bay, Grenada

The sun dawned over the blue Caribbean Sea, spreading its veil to bring light to the beautiful island of Grenada. The crew was awoken to begin yet another adventurous day, but not before eating a hearty breakfast of eggs, fruit, and potatoes. The morning was dedicated to the study of knots and homework to be completed. However, for lunch, the crew was given the opportunity to either stay aboard to continue their studies or go ashore to the island capital of St. George. Those who went ashore explored the rich Grenadian culture and sampled some of its exemplary dishes and tasty fruit smoothies. After lunch, the crew was driven from the capital to a local primary school to teach children about the fish and marine creatures they see around their beautiful island, as well as some basic knots and some games. Upon arrival, we were introduced to the group of students we would be working with. The students were eager to learn and were very excited to interact and learn about the crew themselves. After teaching the students several knots (including the human knot!), we went outside to play games. After playing several games, we said our goodbyes and headed back to the boat for showers and a dinner of rice and vegetables.