Location: Freemans Bay, Antigua

Started off the day with an early 05:45 wake up for the wellness to Shirley Heights. 7 of us gave up a few hours sleep, and it was well worth it as it gave us beautiful cliffside views of the sea and first-hand glances of the 18th-century ruins. We returned to the boat for an excellent breakfast of eggs and muffins. Most of the crew then took their PADI scuba quizzes, and we all then spent the afternoon ashore. Unfortunately, however, this is when the weather hit, the day quickly turned very wet and occasionally very windy. Despite the weather, the crew was able to enjoy time ashore and then work exceptionally well together to prepare Ocean Star for the passage to St Barth’s the following morning, which included taking her off the dock and onto the hook at anchor in Freeman’s Bay. Once aboard, the crew had a lucky half an hour of no rain, so we ate dinner on deck. After dinner, we watched the second installment of the great Irving Johnson sailing videos for our MTE class. The crew then got the news that due to unpredictable weather, we would be doing an anchor watch throughout the night. So the crew goes to bed with a lot of excitement for St Barths and wonderful memories of another incredible day in paradise.