Location: Borneo

The crew of Argo awoke to a totally foreign routine on the Kumai River. Sounds of tropical frogs, monkeys, birds, and insects could be heard throughout the night and into the early morning. We all opened our eyes, crawled out of our bug nets, and stepped out of the boat to a platform with a table laden with coffee, tea, toast, eggs, and coconut pancakes. There was no gophering to be done and no salties or deckies required to clean up after the meal. Only laughter and the clink of mugs to saucers were heard amidst the talk of what new animal encounters we might have today. Our first stop was a feeding station similar to the platform we had visited the day before. After waiting for about an hour, a young male Orangutan arrived and ate many of the bananas laid out.

While not a dominant male, he had won many fights, our guide explained. You can tell by the shape of his face, which grows bigger or smaller depending on the outcome of his battle skills. After the feeding station, we went farther down the river to a tree-planting foundation, whose efforts focused on restoring the deficits created by the illegal logging industry that exists in Borneo. After each crew member planted a tree, we hiked back in heavy rain, giving everyone a lovely outdoor shower. We dried off and then went to see a village along the Kumai. The people there were so friendly, and the shipmates got to spend time with some of the local children. Our last orangutan sightings were some of the best, as we saw a dominant male and three females(one with her infant). Finally, it was time to board the riverboats one final time and have a lazy motor back to the city of Kumai in the twilight. As we sipped the last of our coffees and ate our fried bananas, we were sad to leave Borneo and the easy living we had been treated to over the past two days. Now back aboard Argo, we are excited to set sail again and head to a brand new island full of new experiences. To Singapore!