Location: Mystic, CT

This morning students on Argo woke up to a trifecta of great music, great weather, and great food. Thanks to today’s kitchen crew – Mella, Seve, Amanda, and Sam – we had a fantastic coffee cake to start the day off strong and got to enjoy it with our first warm morning of the trip!

After clean-up, we had our second leadership class with Tim, where we put our course material, styles of leadership, to the test. Four designated students were put in charge of groups who were tasked with constructing a structure with limited skewers and tape that competed against one another for the strongest durability. How well could we protect an egg dropped from 2 meters high?

Following our memorable Leadership challenge, we had a Marine Biology class on ecosystems and community interactions followed by even more practical learning with the mark-recapture game to test our population estimate abilities.

The day kept getting better as our chefs treated us to cajun mac ‘n cheese for yet another incredible lunch. On the subject of food, we spent the early afternoon finalizing our menus and submitting them for approval before departing beautiful Fisher’s Island to head back to Mystic. Here we will be spending the next four days working hard to complete our final preparations for the crossing getting the boat ready, and doing one last grocery haul before we set off.

After a relaxing few hours, we enjoyed an amazing sunset with our chili dinner, where we all ended up staying out talking well past dusk.

Now back at the Seaport Museum, we are all eager and ready with our newly honed sailing skills to get underway next week!

Liam and I enjoying a peaceful sunrise during early morning anchor watch; the coffee crew preparing a morning press, Ben assuring we are all still under 100.4 degrees (we are!), our egg-structures, the famous schooner “Brilliant,” Jake and his chili; sunset colors during dinner; Mella, Seve, Adina, and Amanda in the galley; Argo from aloft (thank you Smash for the photo!).