Location: Underway to Richard's Bay

Today was our last full day at sea before we returned to the now-foreign place known as land. The morning started off grey and rainy with the occasional spray over the side, but a little saltwater in the cereal never hurt anymore. Watch Team 2 embraced the pitch and roll to spend their morning on watch, doing their fierce new workout regimen, which has earned them the new title of Swole Patrol. The rest of the crew caught up on sleep or worked on upcoming papers in the saloon. With the end in sight, we are all focused on finishing strong and thinking about what we are going to do on land first or eat first, but I’m sure when the time comes, everyone will be wishing they were back on Argo. Around lunch, the sky began to clear, but the seas had other things in mind and sent some of our delicious spinach casseroles down to Davey Jones Locker. Therefore, none of us wanted to end up like lunch, so showers were performed in the heads-down below, where you now have the daunting task of deciding the optimum stance to take in the small bathroom rocking from side to side. Before class, Grace and Tegan regaled us with a presentation on Richard’s Bay and a rundown of the activities planned for us while there. We then had our fourth marine biology test that covered marine mammals, birds, reptiles, and the deep sea. I’m sure I’m not the only one who took the test in their best David Attenborough voice. After the test, we had a lecture from Kimi on aquaculture and watched a melancholy documentary on salmon farming in British Columbia. The rest of the afternoon was spent on watch or in the galley, making lovely naan bread or laying in your bunk, contemplating whether a nap or homework is a better way to spend your time. By dinner time, the sky and sea calmed, and we all watched a beautiful sunset with dinner, but before that, we were serenaded one by one by everyone on board with their go-to karaoke song. We heard the Hippopotamus Song by Bryant and Copper’s rendition of Good Morning Baltimore from Hairspray. I flexed the golden pipes with my white boy version of Big Poppa by none other than Notorious G. After dinner, we all cleaned up, got ready for watch or bed, and thought that in 12 hours, we would be on the continent of Africa on the compliant other side of the Indian Ocean than which we started. When it comes down to it, adventure is what you make it. Whether it’s the travel, the discovery, or just the feeling of letting go. The only way we’ll ever find out is to get out there and do it. Enjoy the ride! -Travis R.