Location: English Harbour, Antigua

The sun rises as usual on our second to last day on Sea|mester. We were awoken with the soft smell of the warm French toast and eggs that made up our breakfast. Day 88 consisted of six hours driving around the wonderful island. Eric, our cab driver/best friend, showed us all around the island. We saw St. Johns and all of the cruise tourists that help support it, two of the three hundred and sixty-five beaches (that is enough to visit a different beach every day of the year), and a natural rock bridge named the Devil’s Bridge. We showered ourselves with gifts of coconut water and smoothies as we bathed in the sun. Dinner was slaved over by a pizza company that wasn’t us. It was wonderful, the lack of work all day. After dinner, it was our much-anticipated Christmas. All of our secret Santa gifts were exchanged, and everyone was smiles. Holden finally shared the PowerPoint he has been making for the crew, and, of course, there were tears. To follow up on our lovely PowerPoint, Leah read us a story and gave us a mission. We are all to write goodbye letters to express our admiration and affection for one another. I go now to write my letters and sleep for tomorrow is our last day, and it will be a busy one. On a personal note, I have enjoyed my time aboard Argo, and I am sad to leave her care. Thank you, crew, for sharing this amazing experience with me. It has been ineffable. I will be seeing my family, my friends, and talking to the rest of my loved ones sooner than I can comprehend. Here is to hoping your life is as wonderful as mine. Theodore