Location: Nelsons Dockyard, Antigua

Waking up with the realization that today was my day as skipper was exhilarating- goodbye “deckie” job, no more slaving over the stove as “chef,” and no way was I taking orders as a “gopher.” My crew fully supported me from the start; 3 out of the seven shipmates were up already making delicious chocolate chip pancakes- the intoxicating aroma given off by the cooking made waking up the rest of my bunkmates very easy. After briefing the entire crew, including the Seamester fantastic four (aka the actual staff members), about the day’s activities to come, the divers went over their knowledge reviews while Katie and I finished our casual novels while enjoying the sunshine and sea breeze while the island’s theme music, the legendary Bob Marley, played softly in the background. The knowledge reviews were over after an hour, Dan had cleared us through customs, and we were all ready to explore terra firma’. Using a pulley system and a dinghy, we ferried ourselves 15 feet to the dock and began our festivities. First, we gave our dirty laundry to “Miss Baltimore”- the prospect of having clean clothes made everybody giddy. The feeling that today was going to be greatly radiated throughout the atmosphere. The internet caf was enjoyable and reminded us that we, indeed, were still living in the 21st century, and yes, we have lived back at home. Calling cards were purchased as well- oh yeah, fun for all.

We all split for lunch- some ate on Ocean Star; Katie, Lauren, Carter, and I ate at the Yacht Club. The sandwiches were scrumptious- hooray for a change from PB and J! The afternoon consisted of a hike to The Fort for some and a relaxing book time at the dock for others. We were all back on the boat by 4 pm to shower (with freshwater!) and started our Mexican tortilla feast. The actual dinner conversation was inspired by my squeeze question. If I may say so myself, it was the best question yet. Dinner clean-up was as usual. Zach was particularly skilled when it came to gophering tonight. I overheard Patrick asking for help memorizing the lines on the boat; I would like to think this enthusiasm for learning was encouraged by my leadership today. MTE class consisted of a friendly competition that displayed our knowledge of sail nomenclature and knot tying. The intensity was high, and the adrenaline was flowing. Brownies awaited our return to the boat. It was such a delightful surprise.

I am still teased about my infamous yellow oxford shirt worn during the engine checks and about my obsession with chocolate pop-tarts, but what are you going to do? Oh, the judgers, the judgers. You win some, and you lose some. I am dreading the stroke of 12 when my day as skipper’ will be over, and I will be a measly gopher yet again- Cinderella back to the housemaid. I guess the saying “Don’t hate the payer (the jobs), hate the game (the wheel)” applies. Overall the day was lovely. Yah mon. Skipper of the 27th signing off. Peace and respect, mon. Xx Caitlin