Location: Roseau, Dominica

I woke everyone up with a little Spanish tune at 6:15 AMone of the best songs to start such a good day. During breakfast, we reviewed the essentials of boat diving for our Advanced Open Water Diver Class with Tor. We had no idea what was waiting for us off the south of Dominica’s coast. Once everyone had all their diving stuff prepared, we went with the dive boat. They took us to do two dives in different places in that area. It’s difficult to explain how amazing it was on the two dives we had. It’s not because of my lack of English words; it’s because there are no words to describe it. I’ll try to show you some pictures, but to be honest, it was a thousand times better than what you can see in those. After the best dives we have done so far, we went back to the boat and got ready for our free time in the afternoon. Some of us stayed on the boat working on some of our homework. Others went to the shore to explore Dominica’s shore. Now it is dinner time. Where we will be enjoying some Lasagna made by our Chefs, Alex and Maddie. Afterward, we have an Oceanography lecture with Ms. Ivy. Buenas Noches!