Location: Gustavia, St. Barth's

Today was a day of exploration for the crew of Ocean Star! We started off early by filling our stomachs to the brim with fresh baguettes, fancy cheeses and sweet marmalades from a local bakery. Delicious! Afterwards, the crew went off and found their own perspective adventures. Some went and explored the local shops and found various treasures while others rented surf boards and hit up the beach to catch some waves. It was fun to be on-board that day and see a few of the groups come back at various times during the day excited about something they found or a place they went. Around 2 pm the crew met back on-board and had a Marine Bio class with Matty Rob. The students learned the importance of scientific writing by correcting their own essays they wrote for an earlier class. After the red pens were put away everyone had an hour or so to use the shore showers and catch up on their internet time. Dinner later ensued which was taco salads made by Tor and Van. After dinner the crew got a chance to grab some ice creams and Gelatos on shore then back on-board for a free night to catch up on homework and studying. Another successful day in the life!