Location: Saba

The day started early with breakfast promptly at 6:30. We were shuttling everyone to shore by 07:00 where a wet landing woke us all up before a long day of hiking. The plan was to start at sea level and hike up to the top of Saba’s highest peak, Mt Scenery. It was a grueling, strenuous hike with thousands (literally) of stairs. But reaching the peak was a great feeling of success. A local Saban gave myself and Emily some fresh bananas that they shared with the group when we all ran into each other on the trail. After the hike, everyone meet at Jo Beans Bead shop and many learned to make their own beads. Lunch followed and we all met back on board for shore time and an OCE review session. Dinner was followed by an MTE review session, which ended the classroom sessions on board Ocean star. Off to finish the night with some studying and a good night sleep after a long day on the beautiful island of Saba.