Location: Singapore

Today the shipmates of Argo set off to explore the city of Singapore, or should I say eat their way through the city of Singapore. After breakfast onboard and the relaxed morning of being on the internet or swimming in the pool, groups set off in various directions. One group stayed on the island of Sentosa and visited the aquarium, where they realized how much they had learned in their marine biology class because they already knew most of what the exhibits taught them (as their marine biology instructor, I was very excited to hear that report!) After checking out all of the marine life, they headed over to the street luge and had a blast riding down a concrete luge on special sleds with wheels. Another group headed into the city and explored Chinatown, very excited at how much food you would buy for only $5. In addition to lunch, they sampled some local drinks and desserts while exploring the fun streets and shops of Chinatown and the surrounding area. At the same time, our own Annie and Forrest went provisioning, and I am happy to say that Argo is once again full of fresh fruits, veggies, and a new stock of cereal choices for the next passage. Despite some rainy weather (would you believe Singapore was in a 2-month dry spell, one of the worst droughts in years, and it ended the day we arrived!), everyone had a great first day in Singapore, loving all that it had to offer in the form of culture, entertainment, food, and all-around funlooking forward to another full day in the city tomorrow and all the adventures it will bring!