Location: West End, BVI

This morning, there are several early birds waking up before sunrise to finish writing cards to their dear family- all 20 ocean star crew. Today is our last full day on ocean star, and it is a HUGE BA DAY! After breakfast, everyone mustered in the saloon, waiting for Captain Tor to assign each one of us a job during BA. There was a deck team, saloon team, galley team, engine room team, etc. Then, we started to put our packed bags at the end of our bunk and clean our personal area. I was on the lovely galley team and really enjoyed my time there. ‘Galley is the place I feel I have an attachment to.’ ‘Me too!’ ‘I feel you guys are the best galley team I’ve ever got because you guys are actually into it and really enjoy it.’ The warm conversation kept going in the galley. Around 11 o’clock, Nick called all hands on deck because we were about to dock in the place we started the trip, West End in Tortola. There are many more boats docking here than at the beginning of the trip, but everything else was the same: the same dock, the same harbor, the same picnic table on shore, the same view. However, this time, we did not sit on the picnic table looking at each other awkwardly and trying to find some topic to talk about or stand-alone eating an apple-like Duncan did for the first day. Today, at the lunch picnic table, we felt so familiar and comfortable with each other. We messed around with our lovely family members, just like we have been living together for our whole life. During lunchtime, Cole’s parents showed up. It was so funny and happy to see Cole running towards his mom all the way from the long dock and hugging her for like two minutes. After lunch, we continued BA, and by shower time, Ocean Star looked so sexy! Everything was clean from the inside out, even those corners we never paid attention to in previous BAs. Then, we had our last OCEAN SHOWER! Donlon finally did her backflip from the cap rail and landed perfectly! We all felt really proud of her. ‘It was so much fun; I can do this for the whole day!’ Donlon said in the water. Following that was our last squeeze. Everyone said their final words to the rest of the crew and to this trip. People started crying, and we kept hugging each other while we wait to sign out for our last night out. We talked, ate, danced, hugged, and cried. It was the most fun night out ever, complete with the largest dance party ever. Even the bartender started to take videos of us. We enjoyed the last night we spent with each other. Goodbye, my lovely friends. I will miss you all! ( I love you all!)