Location: Mountain Point, BVI

Today was a big day for Ocean Star and her crew. We met people, went places, and did things! The wake-up call was at 7 am, and we were eating breakfast by 7:30. Such breakfast staples as Quaker oatmeal, Frosted Mini-Wheats, and Cheerios were enjoyed by all. More exotic fare, fresh bananas, and melons complemented the carbohydrates. We motored out of Savannah Bay mid-morning and set sail. With the motor silent, Mother Nature pushed us toward Mountain Point, and the passage was a gnarly one. Amid the excitement, the crew was busy learning nautical terminology and standard sailing procedure. Highlights of the morning of sailing included terrific tacking, high-octane healing, and stimulating sea spray splashing over the bowsprit. After setting anchor at Mountain Point, we had a lunch of tuna salad on sandwiches. Mealtime discussion included the ethics of throwing seafood overboard. Is it okay to feed fish tuna? The highlight of the afternoon was our first open water dive. The water was crystal clear, and it was great to hear the wind cut out as we plunged beneath the surface. Beautiful sea life was seen, and the diving protocol was practiced. We have just finished a delicious pasta dinner and are about to discuss tomorrow night’s passage to Nevis, our first real open water sail! Stay tuned!