Location: Puerta Ayora, Santa Cruz, Galapagos

Wakeups were back to 7 am this morning, much to the relief of the crew. Elie served us a delicious breakfast of pancakes, and we were informed that a doctor would be arriving at around 9:30 to give us one more COVID test before departing for Fiji. Unfortunately for the doctor, today turned out to be a rather rolly day in the anchorage. After about three tests administered, she looked as though she had seen better days, or at least less nauseous days. Elie and I both tried to whisper words of encouragement to her when it was our turn, which proved to be a unique challenge as talking with a swab up our nose is rather difficult. After our COVID tests were completed, half of the group departed for their second day of diving. Unfortunately, I dove yesterday, so my day was not exactly as adventurous as the other half of the group (that may also answer your question as to why the doctor getting seasick was notable enough to make it into my blog). However, just because my half of the group spent the day on Argo doesn’t mean it wasn’t a blast. We had a ton of fun all morning playing countless rounds of Bananagrams, swimming off the ladder, and making final preparations with friends and family before departing for our 30-day passage tomorrow.

After lunch, our group also headed into Puerto Ayora for a snack run. I think we overshopped a little bit as it was at times hard to tell if we were about to cross the Pacific or if we were the latest season of Doomsday Preppers. Nevertheless, Argo is filled to the brim with plenty of snacks to get us to Fiji. Ezra also took some very funny photos of us walking out of the grocery store in a Puerto Ayora version of Fashion Week (see below for examples). We arrived back to the boat just in time to see our other half return from diving and had a blast hearing about all of their stories from the day over a delicious dinner.

The next blog will be from the ocean, on the first night of Argo’s longest passage ever. It’s crazy we’re about to embark on that journey, but it’s going to be a ton of fun.

1. Galley Crew cooking breakfast
2. A tired Frankie
3. The supermarket with Lewis emerging with his stash of snacks
4. Amanda from the dive today!
5. Elle hanging out with a ray
6. Baby shark next to the dock