Location: Fare, Huahine, French Polynesia

Today I woke up to a beautiful sunrise behind a King Kong-Esque looking volcanic island. It’s still hard to believe that we are on the complete other side of the world. Overall, today was a very chill and relaxing day, which allowed everyone to catch up on some much-needed sleep and some homework. After a power breakfast of eggs and bacon, the day started with the uncertified Open Water divers continuing their training towards getting certified. I am proud to announce that after only 11 days, everyone is now officially PADI certified, Yayy Wahoo! After they got certified, everyone else took turns going on fun scuba dives. Even our captain Ian got in on the SCUBA action. The current was a little strong while diving, which was probably a good thing because it provided everyone with a much-needed “leg day” workout. We then did passage prep and moved the boat about an hour away to a different bay so we could be closer to town and had an amazing dinner of “beef lettuce wraps,” which was basically Asian stir fry and very delicious. We just recently had our Squeeze question, which provided for some great stories, the coolest one coming from everyone’s favorite guy, Jim. As I am writing this, I currently hear a group sing-along of Build Me Up Buttercup as everyone is cleaning up, so I guess you could say we are getting along swimmingly. Thanks again to everyone who made this possible, and a special shout out to Griffen, who just turned 20 today. I hope you achieve your dream of living in a van one day.

PS. Love you fam

– Garrett